About Us

Welcome to Treasure Trading

From Egypt the land of treasures, that mother earth has enriched its land with precious minerals comes to you Treasure Trading making all the material you need close at your hands.

Our mission is to supply the international markets with the best high quality Industrial Minerals based on the latest methodologies.

Founded in 2004 by Mr. Mohamed Samir El Hagrasy Treasure Trading is a promising Egyptian company dedicated to the business of mining and mineral supplying, our key target projects are mines throughout the Egyptian region, and with our belief that there are a lot treasures yet to be revealed we are continually expanding our search into mines as we aim to maximize our growth while improving our existing infrastructure

The company is specialized in supplying high quality minerals including:

•Silica sand
•Flint pebbles
•Talc ( lump & powder )
•Quartz sand
•Calcium carbonate
•Rock sand
•Iron oxide