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A product of high degree of whiteness produced from selected natural finest microcrystalline rhombohedra Calcium Carbonate. Very low oil absorption, easily dispersible, imparting good rheological properties. it is used throughout the range of water and solvent based paints for both interior and exterior applications.

Calcium carbonate application:

Calcium carbonate is one of the main components in glass manufacturing. Calcium carbonate is used in glass as a stabilizer and increases its durability. Our product is designed with specifications that fit perfectly to the glass industry in addition to the natural characteristics of extremely low iron and low moisture contents.


The usage of these products will increase the water absorption and help as a flux with feldspar material Oil Additives Calcium carbonate is an acid soluble bridging and weighting agent for controlling fluid loss and density. It can be used in fluids ranging from conventional oil-base and water-base drilling fluids, to drill in fluids, to workover and completion fluids.


Calcium Carbonate used as functional filler.


Calcium Carbonate used as functional filler with other foaming additives to strengthen and prolong the life of carpets backing.

Animal Feeds

These products are used for animal feeds and are also used in the alkaline treatment of soil.