The Feldspar group is a fairly large group with nearly 20 members recognized, but only nine are well known and common. Those few, however, make up the greatest percentage around %60 of minerals found in the Earth's crust. Feldspar is an Alumna Silicate containing K, Na or Ca.

Most of the products we use every day are made with Feldspar, the most abundant group of minerals in the earth’s crust.

Feldspars have both alkali and alumina content which makes them particularly valuable in industrial processes.

Feldspars play an important role as fluxing agents in ceramics and glass production, and are also used as functional fillers in the paint, plastic, rubber and adhesive industries.

Use: mainly in glass industries and ceramic, Porcelain as a functional filler and extender in paints, plastics and rubber industries, in porcelain industries and glazes.